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Public Holidays / Closures

List of public holidays in 2019

Date Day Holiday
01 January Tuesday New Year
03 April Wednesday Isra’ and Mi’raj (Expected)
28 April Sunday Easter Day
01 May Wednesday International’s Work Day
03 June Monday Eid Fitr (Expected)
04 June Tuesday Eid Fitr
05 June Wednesday Eid Fitr
06 June Thursday Eid Fitr
10 August Saturday Eid Aladha (Expected)
11 August Sunday Eid Aladha
12 August Monday Eid Aladha
13 August Tuesday Eid Aladha
14 August Wednesday Eid Aladha
15 August Thursday Eid Aladha
10 November Sunday Al Mawlid Al Nabawe (Expected)
25 December Wednesday Christmas Holiday