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Long Term


If you are planning a visit to Belgium/Luxemburg for more than 90 days and you do not have the nationality of one of the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), you may need to apply for a Long Term visa. Please note that the following essentials must be met by all applicants submitting their applications for visa.

Applicant applying for Belgium Long Stay Visa (D Visa) category are requested to be in person at the visa application center to register their biometrics which includes a scan for all fingers and a digital live photo.

  • Passport should have at least two blank pages.
  • Passport should be valid for at least 12 months from the date of application submission
  • Applications are only accepted within 3 months of the requested date of arrival
  • Relevant Forms & Photograph: Fully completed application form appropriate to the type of visa
  • Application will be accepted only until 15 days (excluding Visa Application Center handling time) before the date of travel.

The collection of passports at the Visa Application Center can be done by :

  • The applicant himself or
  • A representative carrying a photo id of himself/herself and an authority letter from the applicant .

Previous Schengen Visa Please Note:-

In case you have already submitted your fingerprints for a previous Schengen visa application in the last 59 months, you are not required to submit them again.

However, If you are uncertain whether your fingerprints have been captured for a Schengen visa within the last 59 months, you are advised to appear in person.

Kindly note that, if it would appear that the fingerprints prove not to be present in the VIS system, you will be asked to reappear in person for new biometric data collection. To avoid this possible complication, you have the right to ask for your fingerprints to be taken again.


The applicable visa fee in NIS is as per the current exchange rate. The same is subject to change without notice.

The Visa fee is non-refundable.

Duration Visa Fees in NIS Visa Fees in Euros
Long Term 738 180

Exemption of Visa Fee

Long Term visa:

  • Students & researchers
  • Family members of an EU citizen

A “EU citizen” is a citizen of one of the European Union countries , of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland.
The following persons are defined as family members:

  • the spouse;
  • the partner with whom the EU citizen has contracted a registered partnership
  • the direct descendants who are under the age of 21 or are dependant as well as those of the spouse or partner as defined above; or
  • the dependant direct relatives in the ascending line and those of the spouse or partner as defined above.

Additional Charges (Non Refundable)

Service Fee: 123 NIS per application

There is an optional facility where the VAC can courier your passport back to you for a small extra fee of 50 NIS per passport per individual and for families up to 3 Passport inside the envelope will also cost the same amount.

Documents Required

Which documents must you present?

You will find all conditions on the Federal Public Service Home Affairs Immigration Office website, the only Belgian competent authority for the admittance, stay, residence and removal of foreigners.

One Extra Photocopy of the entire set is required for long stay applications.


  1. Every person should hold a personal travelling document and must complete a separate application form.
  2. Minor children must submit an application form signed by a person with parental authority or by a legal guardian;

Contribution Payment for long term application

New visa regulations starting on 02 March 2015 will oblige visa applicants to pay a handling fee directly in Belgium before applying for a visa. It is an administrative fee that comes above the normal visa fee and it is valid only for the D-visa (long stay).

The amounts to be paid according the type of visa application. For Detail Click Here.

This Belgian handling fee should be paid directly on the Home Affairs’ Belgian bank account BE57 6792 0060 9235, either from Belgium or from where the applicant is registered.

Application won’t be Submitted at Belgium Visa Application Center if the Fees is not paid.

Payment modalities

The exact due amount according to the purpose of long stay in Belgium (see table) has to be paid in EURO and in the bank account below only, all bank/intermediate bank charges to be borne by the person making the transfer (applicant, family member, employer, warrant…).

Belgian Bank Details

IBAN BE57 6792 0060 9235
Bank name BPOST SA
Bank address Centrum Monnaie - 1000 Bruxelles
Beneficiary SPF Intérieur, Office des étrangers
Chaussée d’Anvers 59B,
1000 Bruxelles


The following information has to be visible in the communication of the transfer :

  • Last name and First name of the applicant,
  • nationality,
  • birth date,
  • purpose of stay (article of the law of 15 December 1980)

For Example: Mrs. Sophie Salameh born on 03 June 1978 in Ramallah applies for a family reunion visa with her Palestinian husband in Belgium (article 10). Whoever makes the payment (herself from India or her husband in Belgium) will ask the bank to register the following communication in the bank transfer:

Salameh_Sophie_Palestine_03 June 1978_Art.10_Law15 December 1980

Note : In case the communication in transfer is limited to a certain number of characters, this first part has at least to appear:

Salameh_Sophie_Palestine_03 June 1978


The foreign official documents must be legalized or carry an apostil, unless an exemption is provided in a treaty : click here

Attention :

Your application will not be admissible and will thus not be examined if you do not lodge a valid travel document and a photograph, if you do not pay the visa fees.

Photo Specifications

Applicants, submit your Application form with the new photo format, as explained below:


  • The photo must fulfill the norm specified by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).
  • Photo must have plain white background.
  • The photo must be no more than 6-months old.
  • Not tilted picture (portrait style) showing both edges of face clearly.
  • Close up of the head and top of the shoulders so that the face takes up 70–80% of the photograph.
  • Photo in sharp focus and clear.

Photo Size

The photo for each visa applicant submitted must measure:

  • The picture dimensions must be 240 pixels wide by 320 pixels high at least. A smaller picture will be rejected. For instance, a photo being 235 pixels by 320 pixels is not valid.
  • On the other hand, the photo should keep a proportion of 3 x 4 (width x height) within limits. However, 250 x 340 pixels picture would be valid, but not a 290 x 340 pixels one.
  • Finally, the image weight (size in Kbytes) can never be bigger than 120 Kbytes.


  • An image resolution is measured in DPI (dots per inch) and it's mainly used to control printing quality. Therefore, higher resolution means better printing quality.
  • The resolution of the photos should be 300 dpi, so, when you scan the image, check this parameter carefully. However, bear in mind that the higher the resolution, the bigger the picture.
  • The only image format accepted is JPEG (Join Photograph Expert Grup Format). The other image formats such as BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, etc. will be rejected (a warning will be shown).

Attaching the Photo to the Application form

Glue one photograph to the application form in the designated space.

Please follow these instructions carefully. If the photograph presented does not meet these requirements your application will be considered incomplete.

Processing Time

Don’t wait until the last moment to submit your visa application 
The decision making time might be longer during some periods (summer months, holiday season). Therefore, make sure to submit your visa early enough.

Submit a complete file 
Read attentively the information about the necessary documents to be provided before submitting your file. If the Consulate needs to ask for additional documents before being able to take a decision or before sending your file to the Immigration Office, you might not receive your visa on time.

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